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After spending 18 years in varies Corporate Management positions I took the plunge into Real Estate back in 2001. I did not start off full-time in RE but learned very quickly after my first few real estate deals that I had finally found my true passion in life as a Real Estate Investor.

The first few years were spent as a rehabber usually buying and rehabbing several houses a month. These times were very profitable and money that I accumulated with my retail flips I began investing in long term rental properties. Today I personally own 43 rentals throughout the Atlanta area. When the market went through the downturn starting back in 2006 I began focusing on becoming a Wholesaler as I had gotten very good at finding great deals but started having problems retailing these deals so decided to just concentrate on finding deals for others. While I still continue today buying/fixing and retailing, my primary Business focus is as a direct Wholesaler! When my wholesaling business was just getting started I was very fortunate in that my rental income continued to come in each and every month which was enough to cover my living expenses. Now that I no longer depend on the rental income to live off of, I can accumulate my rent income and usually a couple of times a year I have enough saved up to buy another rental house or two. These little rental homes will be my retirement or social security once I decide to slow down which is not going to happen anytime soon since I love what I do!

Over the last 14 years I have done just about anything you can do involving single family homes. I have done owner finance deals, lease options, subject to deals, I have bought houses on the Court House Steps (not recommended for newbies), bought from auctions, from direct marketing sources, FMLS/MLS and HUD deals, from bird dogs and have purchased some of my best deals from other Wholesalers.

I think my overall experience over the last 14 years is what has separates me from the other Wholesalers. “I actually do what I sell” which allows me to relate to my end buyers so well. Since my start in ’01, I have renovated and resold well over 100 homes, have bought, sold and still own many rentals houses (43 as of today), and have wholesaled 100+ houses every year since that portion of my business really got going in 2008. I consider myself an honest Wholesaler that tries to provide prospective buyers with as much information as possible in order for that buyer to make a buying decision. Although I cannot guarantee success or an actual profit I do everything possible to allow the end buyer to expect and make a nice profit on each and every one of my deals. That is always my number one goal as my business is built on repeat buyers.